Life transforming healing retreats designed exclusively for you


Developed by renowned healer and mentor Lynn Jackson, these uniquely tailored wellbeing experiences offer deep and lasting inner transformation via expertly crafted, private healing retreats.


Just for you…

Whether you’re seeking radical transformation or deep rest – or anything in between – Lynn’s bespoke retreats offer individually tailored combinations of energy medicine, mindfulness, holistic bodywork and soulful ritual to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Your retreat happens at a time to suit you, and it can be as dynamic or as laid back as you like.  You can luxuriate in healing spa waters, learn meditation, practise yoga, qigong and much more.  Or you can sleep… or bury your nose in a book…or simply watch the ocean, or gaze at the stars.

This is time for YOU.


Rest your mind, restore your body and reclaim your spirit

Lynn and her team of talented therapists, teachers and trainers facilitate unique and personalised healing experiences in a selection of handpicked accommodations in West Sussex, including country cottages, beach-side villas, rustic lodges and luxury spas.

These unique retreats are a chance to rest and reconnect with your inner voice and vision, and really fall back in love with yourself and with life.


Unique & Private Retreats

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The freedom of your own private, sacred space to re-centre, recalibrate and re-evaluate

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Valuable time out to connect and reconnect with yourself and each other in love and in life


 ‘Hotstuff’ group wellbeing and empowerment retreats for women in the menopause

Why Choose the Bespoke Retreat Company?


No other wellbeing experience offers transformational retreats quite like these.  Lynn is a Healer and Mentor with 25 years’ experience, and prior to that, she was an Events Organiser for Marks & Spencer;  this unusual combination of skills is woven together to create a retreat experience unlike any other.

Whether you want to unwind in a luxury spa, enjoy crystal healing in a bluebell wood, or allow some coastal breezes to blow the winds of change into your world… you have a dream, and she can make it happen.

Her retreats are ultimately created as vehicles to awaken your sleeping soul and trigger an authentic shift, helping you achieve mental clarity, greater insight, true relaxation and deep, lasting healing and inner transformation.


“Lynn is a veritable force of nature; healer, meditation teacher, spiritual entrepreneur, event organiser, international retreat leader, tantra teacher, writer, firewalk instructor, and life and business coach. She is one of the most fearless women I know and she sets the bar high. Her vision is 20/20, and anybody lucky enough to work with her can rest assured they are in very capable hands.”

~ Valerie Chilton Smith, Senior Trainer, The Healing Federation

Thank you so much for reminding me of who I am and what I am capable of. I will be forever grateful.

~ Jo B, Kent

Our Sort of Places

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Your Sort of Style

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Founder & Principal and maker of magic…

Lynn Jackson

Hi there!

I’m Lynn Jackson, and after a lifetime of facilitating life-changing transformations for people from all walks of life, I established The Bespoke Retreat Company to address the needs of our age : space to be and breathe, time to slow down and reflect, and professional support to help you grow and flourish.

As a healer, I have long known of the deep human desire for meaningful and soulful ritual, as well as the alchemy of the elements, and the miracle of the mindset shifts that occur within such magical frameworks, and this is all brought together in my bespoke retreats, which are designed wholly and exclusively for YOU.

I will meet you where you are in life and create a unique retreat experience to take you to where you want to be.

Our New Covid-Safe Retreat Venues

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Our retreats are carefully designed to deliver a powerfully transformative experience within a safe and supportive space

I'd heartily recommend these wonderful retreats to anyone seeking a meaningful and soulful breakthrough.

~ Kate, London

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