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Private wellbeing retreats serving one client at a time…

Whenever the going gets tough, healer and coach Lynn Jackson’s retreats for solo clients are tailor-made to provide a safe and sacred space for introspection, solace, rest and expansion.

Whether the aim is healing and recovery, or a new direction and a sense of purpose, everything is carefully devised and curated to achieve your desired outcome.  You will be supported to stop ‘doing’ and receive whatever nourishment and support you need to re-evaluate, re-energise or recalibrate your life.


Expert Energy Medicine

Each personalised programme comprises gentle yet powerful energy interventions, interwoven with metaphysical and holistic wellbeing practices to help you emerge stronger, clearer, lighter and more vibrant.


Life Changing Alchemy

These deep, one-of-a-kind experiences are as unique as the individuals who invest in them, and this tailored combination of personalised service, professional expertise and attention to detail creates the alchemical magic that consistently delivers truly remarkable outcomes within a very short timeframe… as evidenced by our many Testimonials.


What Lynn has done for me may well have taken months or years in therapy. I have left the retreat feeling alive, lighter and more in touch with myself than I have done for a very long time

Sharron, Leicester


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My exclusive private retreats provide SOULITUDE – an energy-centred, soulful approach to the alleviation of the many stresses of today’s world, and if you are willing to go beyond traditional therapy or spa retreats to find the lasting solutions you seek, you’re in the right place.
You can find out more about me on the Founder page, and you might also like to visit the Testimonials page for reassurance of the efficacy of my work.
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The Bespoke Pathway


Every retreat is truly bespoke.  Each one is brought to life during an initial phone conversation with Lynn in which all the components are co-created around your individual circumstances, requirements and budget.

There are three routes for you to choose from … all provide the same tailored service, but the different pathways are designed to offer greater accessibility for individual needs and circumstances.

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Luxury accommodation in Hampshire


Life changing metamorphosis in beautiful West Sussex hideaways
FROM £1100
Peace and calm


Nurturing deep dives for swift and effective turnarounds
FROM £595


An online bespoke retreat experience delivered to you at home
FROM £495

Lynn is a highly skilled, humane and compassionate facilitator who combines her substantial experience in various modes of working to create truly individual (bespoke) experiences. I’ve been on various retreats in groups and have a lot of experience of therapy – both as a client and as a clinical psychologist – and I can honestly say that the experience with Lynn was totally unique, immensely powerful, and very beneficial.

David, Kent

I thought that I was in a complete mess, menopausal and burnt out; I also thought that the retreat would be challenging. Fortunately for me, my concerns were unwarranted. Lynn held space for me with an energy of knowing and love. By day two, I literally had a turnaround, and by day three, I felt like a new person and was flabbergasted that it was so easy. Lynn’s energy was warm, loving, fierce and caring. Her ability to get to the heart of an issue very quickly is what makes her retreats so unique and well worth the investment in yourself. She is the real deal.

Caz, London

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