Life transforming experiences for soul seekers, earth shakers,
and those struck with a wild kind of wanderlust


Looking to get from where you are to where you want to be in the smartest, smoothest and most enjoyable way possible?  You’re in the right place.

Whether you’re seeking radical transformation or deep rest – or anything in between – our bespoke retreats offer uniquely tailored combinations of holistic bodywork, soulful ritual, and mindset magic to get you there. Smoothly, smartly and safely.

Some call that service excellence.

We call it Alchemy.

Rest your mind, restore your body, reclaim your spirit

Located in the heart of West Sussex, England, where sweeping coastal landscapes meet flower-filled woodlands, modern mystic Lynn Jackson facilitates a vast array of healing experiences.

Your retreat can be as dynamic or as laid back as you like.  Fire walk under a full moon, luxuriate in healing spa waters, practise yoga and meditation.  Overcome painful life challenges, reconnect with your inner voice, or simply kick back and relax.

It’s time to throw your cares to the wind and leap from the hamster wheel of the modern world. The Bespoke Retreat Company invites you to wind down from the daily grind and dance to the beat of your very own drum.

Unique Retreats

Happy woman with arms outstretched


Retreat into the soothing ease and comfort of your own personal space. Free your mind, re-centre, recalibrate and re-evaluate.

Romantic couple on beach


Take some valuable time out to connect and reconnect with yourself and each other in beautiful and romantic settings.

Group holding hands on beach


Friendship circles and corporate groups alike love the adventure, ceremony and innovative team building of our unique retreats.

Why Choose the Bespoke Retreat Company?

No other experience offers personalised tailoring quite like this — from the exceptional accommodation and delectable food to the indulgent treatments and invigorating activities.

Sip raw food smoothies in a luxury yurt, enjoy Reiki sessions in a bluebell wood, unwind in an elegant manor house built on emerald lawns… You have a dream, we make it happen.

At the heart of the Bespoke Retreat Company lies a singular mission: to awaken your sleeping soul and trigger an authentic shift. We help you achieve stronger mental clarity, powerful personal insight, remarkable relaxation, and undeniable healing.

We firmly believe you are the creator of your universe, so every detail matters. It’s time to steer your life towards a brighter tomorrow and a truly gratifying destiny.

Those wonderful few days were a masterpiece of thought and ingenuity.

~ Ian, Surrey

Our Sort of Places

Bluebell wood
Woman walking through sand dunes
Tunnel of trees in Halnaker, West Sussex

Your Sort of Style

Woman with hot drink by cosy fire
Luxury bed with cushions
Yurt Interior

Our Founder

Lynn Jackson

Hi there!

I’m Lynn Jackson, and after a lifetime of facilitating life-changing transformations for people from all walks of life, I established The Bespoke Retreat Company to address the needs of our age : space to be and breathe, time to slow down and reflect, and professional support to help you grow and flourish.

As a healer, I have long known of the deep human desire for meaningful and soulful ritual, as well as the alchemy of the elements, and the miracle of the mindset shifts that occur within such magical frameworks, and this is all brought together in my bespoke retreats, which are designed wholly and exclusively for YOU.

I will meet you where you are in life and create a unique retreat experience to take you to where you want to be.

The Alchemy of the Elements

Water Ripples

The natural magic of the elements – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water – is woven into every retreat to deliver a powerfully transformative experience.

I'd heartily recommend these wonderful retreats to anyone seeking a meaningful and soulful breakthrough.

~ Kate, London

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