Retreats – but not as you know them…

Devised, designed and curated by renowned energy healer and coach Lynn Jackson, Bespoke Retreats hark back to the original definition of a retreat, which was to take time out on one’s own to commune with the sun, moon and stars to find balance and meaning in life.

Lynn’s discreet and private retreats take place in a selection of lovely accommodations and offer a carefully chosen combination of healing modalities and engaging, enjoyable activities that work holistically to bring depleted modern minds, bodies and spirits back into alignment and equilibrium – often with a new and expanded vision – in a surprisingly short space of time.


“My retreat with Lynn has re-ignited my zest and joy for life, and I now feel empowered, grateful, brave, connected and invigorated. Her kindness, compassion and healing powers are a precious gift and I’m so thankful to have worked so deeply with her. To anyone looking for that ‘miracle’ or reset in their life, Lynn is the magic that you need.”

~ Jillian Fassam, London

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Since the retreat, life has has regained its colour and sparkle

~ Jane, London

A selection of lovely, handpicked coast and country accommodations in West Sussex

offering different experiences and chosen to suit a range of budgets

My Mini Retreat was a completely mind opening experience for me. I'd wanted to learn meditation, but had been a bit confused and sceptical about it. Lynn was gentle and patient and very kind; she really listened to me, and I felt so comfortable, like I'd known her for ages.
I recommend this retreat if you need to escape the chaos of the city and find yourself in the tranquility of the countryside and in the warm presence of Lynn. The location of the hotel is stunning, and everything was really well organised, and everyone was gentle and happy to help.
I'd not known where to start with meditation and this was the perfect way to begin.

Judi, London

Retreats Tailored for You

This is a truly bespoke service. Every retreat is individually created for each client. As such, there are no pre-set dates or schedules as the accommodation and expert therapists are hired as necessary to meet the client’s brief.

All retreats feature Lynn’s signature energy healing, meditation and ritual, and the complementary therapies and activities are chosen to create the all-important fusion of holism and alchemy for which her retreats are renowned.

Specialist Retreats

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Just click or call to arrange your free phone or Skype consultation with Lynn, who will listen to your story and tease out your needs, wants and wishes in order to create an experience tailored exclusively for you.

Whether you seek clarity about your career, or closure in respect of a romance, crave relaxation and rejuvenation, or want to reclaim your mojo and personal power, these conversations are designed to light a spark and set the magic in motion.

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My retreat was wonderful. It has dawned on me that 'This is it!' - my one precious life - and I am once again feeling really excited about the future.

~ Jules, London

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