I talked, walked, wrote and read; I relaxed and rested, and did deep work. I nourished myself and healed myself, educated myself and grew. Through Lynn’s care and wisdom I have been guided back to my true self, and I left the retreat feeling fulfilled on a soul level and full of hope for the future. Thank you Lynn for providing the sanctuary and structure I needed; you told me before the retreat you had a rough plan for our time together and that it would evolve and adapt guided by myself and what came up, and it was a real lesson for me in letting go of control and trusting the process. No matter what I had in mind for this retreat, the journey and outcome was far better than I could have hoped, and a month later, I can safely say I have seen profound changes in myself that are here to stay.



I went into my 2 week retreat with Lynn feeling stuck and depleted, and holding a great deal of residual pain following the loss of my son to a long battle with cancer 5 years ago. I left feeling renewed and restored in body, mind, heart and spirit, and with a sense of how to move forward with my life in a fulfilling and purposeful way.

Lynn offers a truly personalised programme, in which she adapts a variety of healing and therapeutic modalities to the needs of the individual client. This approach, combined with her warmth, compassion, intelligence, practicality, and deep care and commitment, make for a uniquely curative experience. She took care of every detail of my stay – from arranging for a lovely beach cottage overlooking the sea, to bringing in excellent complimentary bodywork therapists, yoga instructors and even a sound healer, to organising all my meals. She was also extremely receptive to any feedback.

But above all, Lynn is a very talented and intuitive healer, with tremendous generosity of spirit. I know that I will carry forward meaningful benefits from the time with her. This was without a doubt the best investment I could have made in myself and my well-being.

Review from Trustpilot 

MandyFebruary 2024


I found the experience exceptionally beneficial. I’ve had some challenges in my personal life over the past 4-6 months, and I found Lynn’s energy healing helped me to get back to my normal way of thinking, and elevated me to a new level that I have not experienced previously. I have decided to continue working with Lynn, and I guess that’s the real testament to how highly I rate her. Thank you Lynn, for everything.


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TimJanuary 2024


My retreat was everything I hoped for, and I was so grateful for how Lynn works in a very professional but kind and honest way.  I have learnt the right way to manage certain issues and I feel empowered with this knowledge.  It was also relaxing to enjoy the holistic therapies which were the perfect complement to healing.  It feels like I’ve been under water for ages and now everything is clear!

JoJanuary 2024


When I booked a four-day retreat with Lynn and she spoke to me to assess my needs, I thought that I was in a complete mess, menopausal and burnt out; I also thought that the retreat would be challenging, that it would some how expose all my vulnerabilities and that I might not be able to face them. Fortunately for me, my concerns were unwarranted. Lynn intuitively prepared my treatments and she held space for me with an energy of knowing and love. By day two, I literally had a turnaround, despite catching a cold. By day three, I felt like a new person and was flabbergasted that it was so easy. Lynn’s energy was warm, loving, fierce and caring. Her meditations and her ability to get to the heart of an issue very quickly is what makes her retreats so unique and well worth the investment in yourself. I also continue to feel the echo of my retreat and have been given amazing tools to continue my healing. I am extremely grateful to Lynn for what she has done for me. I felt so lost and not myself, I assumed this feeling would be with me forever. Lynn is the real deal and when you choose to make this investment in your self….trust me, you will not regret it.

CazDecember 2023


Exceptional, and truly bespoke.  I needed to get some deep rest while grieving after a traumatic experience. This was the perfect service and I can’t recommend Lynn highly enough.


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PruNovember 2023


What I loved about Lynn’s work is that it is not about trawling over the past, it is about moving forward. I’m a 59 year old woman, I’ve known for years how I became the person I am, and I knew the changes I needed to make to improve my life, but I’ve found it difficult to do so, and even sabotaged myself. A big part of my inability to move forward were unresolved issues of my past, things I cannot change; over the years, though I’ve sought help for the recurring inner turmoil to leave the past behind, I was unable to do so. Coming out of Lynn’s retreat a week ago, for the first time ever, I feel lighter, stiller, and more content about me; I’ve been Kintsugi’d (the Japanese art repairing broken pottery or glass with gold); my past is not changed, the cracks are all still there, but I understand myself better, I feel whole, I value and respect myself more; I’ve been equipped with the tools to do the work I need to do, to learn and improve my life for the better. Going on this bespoke retreat is the best investment I have ever made in myself.


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DebbieNovember 2023


I had the most beneficial retreat experience under the care and guidance of wonderful Lynn Jackson.  From the moment I first contacted her, I felt I was being taken care of and that my needs were of the upmost importance to her.  The attention to detail from the outset is what makes The Bespoke Retreat Company stand out from all others.  From finding out what it was I was needing/looking for, to having a choice of accommodations to best suit my needs made it a very personal approach.  I was so happy with my choice and felt very at home there; everything about both the area and house itself was very comforting and healing from the moment I arrived.

I felt like I had known Lynn from the moment I met her, and was at total ease working through various issues with her on a daily basis.  Having the time and space of being on a retreat by myself allows for a very intimate experience.  This is enhanced all the more for being supported and guided by Lynn.  Each day there was something new to discover, think about, talk about, explore and go within.  It was a very special and personal journey of self-exploration for me.  Lynn has this unique ability to not only put her clients at total ease but it’s as though she can see right through to your essence.  Then in a very subtle way she connects you to what you either didn’t know was there, or something you had lost gets rekindled.  In my case it was a longing for a sense of purpose, and as each day passed, I was getting more and more insights.  I loved the whole process of exploration and meaningful discussions.

Having 5 days to rest, restore and reflect were all hugely beneficial for me, and the transformation of my mindset has been remarkable.  I arrived low in energy, unmotivated and with a sense of unease.  In the weeks since the retreat, I have gained and retained a sense of purpose and motivation and a much brighter outlook for myself.  I took away with me an inner sense of calmness in knowing more about myself and that there is support and guidance around me at all times, and I now trust this.

I’d also like to mention the luxury of having both a massage and reflexology therapist come to the house of an evening.  This added to deepening the restoration that I very much needed.  Both therapists were very good and had healing hands!

Thank you, Lynn, for being a truly enlightening person.  Spending those hours with you made a real impact deep within me.  I feel we really got me back on track, and I have come away knowing and believing all is well with me and my world; this is such a gift, and not something I would have got from my usual “group yoga retreat”!  I look forward to seeing where I am heading in the coming weeks, months and years ahead.

To anybody who is unsure of what to expect, I would say trust Lynn to take the best care of you and to guide you on your own unique journey.

SoniaAugust 2023


I lost my mother 3 months ago. This was my first retreat and I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew I wanted some time to myself.  Lynn and her Bespoke Retreat turned out to be exactly what I needed.
The accommodation I chose suited my needs perfectly. So peaceful, calm and relaxing.  Lynn even organized a juice detox per my request, which was so delicious.  She was able to meet my every need fully and helped me in so many ways and on so many levels.
I looked forward to meeting Lynn every day and our sessions always felt too short, because time just flew when we were together.  She is very knowledgeable, gifted and experienced in her fields. Such an amazing soul. I feel blessed to have been able to work with her.
My future now looks so much brighter thanks to Lynn.  I’m excited to journey this new path in my life. I will forever be indebted to her.
I highly recommend this retreat.


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VictoriaAugust 2023


I’d been ignoring what was going on inside my body, mind and soul, and it was making me anxious, sad and scared.  Especially when it came to processing past events that have been buried deep.  I’d never had the opportunity to be fully annoyed with events that have hurt me, and this weighed me down. Not having had the chance to mourn, honour and say goodbye to these feelings and the little girl they were tethered to was affecting the way I connected with my life, and stood in the way of me truly knowing myself and truly giving myself to those I love.

Lynn guided me to get in touch with myself and revisit the senses that arose in me a long time ago, that were immobilised within me and I’d forgotten how to access.  As a result, I’ve since been able to honour this little girl and fly higher over the past, walk into and around it, be sad, smile at it.  So that I can both hold it close and leave it alone.

I’m so touched by Lynn’s compassion, I will never forget our time together.


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SarahJuly 2023