A profound, memorable experience and surprisingly one of self-discovery after just 2 days at my bespoke retreat at the Goodwood Hotel.  After 25 years of working hard in the fast lane, raising a young family and going through various trials and tribulations, I felt I deserved some time out to just pause, reflect and reconect with my purpose in life and inject some energy behind this.
Lynn’s treatment combined with some meditation (which I now practice and enjoy) helped me understand the root cause of my fears and insecurities. I also felt a deep sense of gratitude for everything I have achieved. The healing work had truly begun.
Afterwards I felt lighter, happier, more confident and in control. I’m not sure I could have got there by myself, however Lynn’s amazing energy and healing abilities, my trust in her and my willingness and intent to embark on a new, refreshing and positive outlook of my life was a powerful force!