I took a deeper breath than I had in a long time, and the gentle incense filled my lungs. Settling into the fabulous boho treehouse, the nagging worry that I was being self-indulgent to disappear for two days by myself began to fade. This wasn’t a treat, it was a necessity;  a busy life as a showbiz journalist, mum to an 8 year old and general social butterfly had left me frazzled. I was questioning the point of my job, feeling lost in life and desperate to *cue Lulu* “relight my fire”.  Lynn greeted me with a warm smile and welcomed me to my little sanctuary. She had thoughtfully filled the beautifully decorated hideout with scented candles and I felt immediately at home.

It wasn’t long before I was relaxing on the impressive wooden balcony, listening to the huge oak trees as they swayed in the breeze. I took up Lynn’s suggestion that I lay wrapped snug in a blanket and could literally feel the pent-up tension dissolve with each breath. After a much-needed meditation, I retreated inside to lie on the bed as the late afternoon sun streamed through the window. I spent the rest of the evening in a blissful state of relaxation and woke up after 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep. It had been years since I’d been able to do this. The magic had begun.

The next morning I took my time over a delicious breakfast before we set off to a private Victorian walled garden in the countryside. Lynn led me to a circular pattern mowed into the lawn. She explained the labyrinth was a symbolic representation of my life. I was to walk the path mindfully and see what came up.  I was confused as to exactly what this would do but I’d decided not to question things and go with the flow. After a minute or two, my legs started to feel heavy as though I was wading through thick treacle. I chuckled to myself at the irony – stuck in life and now stuck in imaginary treacle in the middle of a garden.

Once I’d reached the centre of the labyrinth I closed my eyes, my head felt clear as a sense of peace washed over me. My way out was interesting too, I began noticing little vibrant flowers, dotted along the path. Had they been there all along? Why could I only see them now?

Lynn explained that the journey into the centre represented my recent past, the centre is the present, and the journey out is an indication of my future path. Bring on a more vibrant beautiful life, I say!

Later that evening, Lynn lit a fire and asked me to write on pieces of paper any thoughts or behaviours that had been holding me back or dragging me down. I wrapped each paper around a pine cone and tossed them into the flames. As I watched them burn, I felt in control and determined that this was goodbye forever.

The rest of the weekend was busy with pampering – a stress-busting massage and a mineral float session, as well as a potent, crystal-infused water ceremony where I drank in my good intentions. I also enjoyed a lot of precious ‘me time’, with zero urge to check my phone. I revelled in the luxury of uninterrupted reading time, and chomped my way happily through a whole box of homemade brownies.

I was now feeling like a different person to the wiped out, desperate plate spinner who’d arrived two days ago. But Lynn had kept the best for last – her unique healing.  I relaxed on the bed, listening to the rain lashing outside as Lynn began to work on my energies. I felt a warmth come over me as I relaxed deeper and deeper, before seeing vivid colours and bright lights. I’d had healing sessions in the past but this was incredible.

As we finished, the rain had stopped and we walked out onto the most spectacular sunset I have ever seen. Majestical patterns of vivid gold, blue, turquoise, pink and purple streamed across the sky, and as the magical light bounced around me. I couldn’t help but think the sky was giving me the nod that my incantations were being answered.

As our precious time together came to an end, I reluctantly said goodbye to Lynn, who I’d become very attached to, and my beautiful hidden treehouse, taking with me two days of magic. I returned to my family happier and much more relaxed with a much clearer outlook on my future.