I lost my mother 3 months ago. This was my first retreat and I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew I wanted some time to myself.  Lynn and her Bespoke Retreat turned out to be exactly what I needed.
The accommodation I chose suited my needs perfectly. So peaceful, calm and relaxing.  Lynn even organized a juice detox per my request, which was so delicious.  She was able to meet my every need fully and helped me in so many ways and on so many levels.
I looked forward to meeting Lynn every day and our sessions always felt too short, because time just flew when we were together.  She is very knowledgeable, gifted and experienced in her fields. Such an amazing soul. I feel blessed to have been able to work with her.
My future now looks so much brighter thanks to Lynn.  I’m excited to journey this new path in my life. I will forever be indebted to her.
I highly recommend this retreat.


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