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Lynn Jackson is more than the founder of the Bespoke Retreat Company. She is a modern mystic, business visionary, intelligent intuitive, self-development mentor, and energy healer.

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Lynn Jackson

A Story Laced with Synchronicity and Metaphysical Magic

Two decades ago, on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali, a native shaman bowed before Lynn after an emotional healing ritual, and spoke the words: “You too have the power”. Already a healer with an interest in all things metaphysical, Lynn found these startling words a powerful affirmation.

Revolutionary Holistic Approaches

Lynn has since immersed herself in holistic and spiritual approaches to wellbeing, specialising in healing, metaphysics, and tantric spirituality, founding new age emporium Mother Earth, as well as Juice: Kent’s very first social-spiritual celebration. She is also an accredited firewalk instructor, coach and meditation teacher, and is well-known for facilitating inspiring personal and collective transformation.

Lynn’s formula for leading an authentic life?

A fusion of quantum physics and ancient alchemy

After a lifetime of working with clients from all walks of life, Lynn recognises that real healing requires a combination of deep energy work with rest and reflection, ritual for transformation and growth, and the restorative power of nature, and in 2018, she created The Bespoke Retreat Company to meet the needs of a world which is increasingly seeking enhanced wellbeing, deeper connection and greater meaning.

Lynn’s unique retreats go deep...

— transforming negative emotions, liberating spirits, and healing deep-seated wounds. Each one is uniquely created to suit the needs of every individual client, and as such, they are much, much more than ‘healing holidays’;  Lynn’s work is ultimately about personal transformation, and her beautifully soul-centred retreats are no exception.

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