Some names and photos have been changed to protect individual privacy.


I talked, walked, wrote and read; I relaxed and rested, and did deep work. I nourished myself and healed myself, educated myself and grew. Through Lynn’s care and wisdom I have been guided back to my true self, and I left the retreat feeling fulfilled on a soul level and full of hope for the future. Thank you Lynn for providing the sanctuary and structure I needed; you told me before the retreat you had a rough plan for our time together and that it would evolve and adapt guided by myself and what came up, and it was a real lesson for me in letting go of control and trusting the process. No matter what I had in mind for this retreat, the journey and outcome was far better than I could have hoped, and a month later, I can safely say I have seen profound changes in myself that are here to stay.

February 2024


I went into my 2 week retreat with Lynn feeling stuck and depleted, and holding a great deal of residual pain following the loss of my son to a long battle with cancer 5 years ago. I left feeling renewed and restored in body, mind, heart and spirit, and with a sense of how to move forward with my life in a fulfilling and purposeful way.

Lynn offers a truly personalised programme, in which she adapts a variety of healing and therapeutic modalities to the needs of the individual client. This approach, combined with her warmth, compassion, intelligence, practicality, and deep care and commitment, make for a uniquely curative experience. She took care of every detail of my stay – from arranging for a lovely beach cottage overlooking the sea, to bringing in excellent complimentary bodywork therapists, yoga instructors and even a sound healer, to organising all my meals. She was also extremely receptive to any feedback.

But above all, Lynn is a very talented and intuitive healer, with tremendous generosity of spirit. I know that I will carry forward meaningful benefits from the time with her. This was without a doubt the best investment I could have made in myself and my well-being.

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January 2024


I found the experience exceptionally beneficial. I’ve had some challenges in my personal life over the past 4-6 months, and I found Lynn’s energy healing helped me to get back to my normal way of thinking, and elevated me to a new level that I have not experienced previously. I have decided to continue working with Lynn, and I guess that’s the real testament to how highly I rate her. Thank you Lynn, for everything.


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January 2024


My retreat was everything I hoped for, and I was so grateful for how Lynn works in a very professional but kind and honest way.  I have learnt the right way to manage certain issues and I feel empowered with this knowledge.  It was also relaxing to enjoy the holistic therapies which were the perfect complement to healing.  It feels like I’ve been under water for ages and now everything is clear!

December 2023


When I booked a four-day retreat with Lynn and she spoke to me to assess my needs, I thought that I was in a complete mess, menopausal and burnt out; I also thought that the retreat would be challenging, that it would some how expose all my vulnerabilities and that I might not be able to face them. Fortunately for me, my concerns were unwarranted. Lynn intuitively prepared my treatments and she held space for me with an energy of knowing and love. By day two, I literally had a turnaround, despite catching a cold. By day three, I felt like a new person and was flabbergasted that it was so easy. Lynn’s energy was warm, loving, fierce and caring. Her meditations and her ability to get to the heart of an issue very quickly is what makes her retreats so unique and well worth the investment in yourself. I also continue to feel the echo of my retreat and have been given amazing tools to continue my healing. I am extremely grateful to Lynn for what she has done for me. I felt so lost and not myself, I assumed this feeling would be with me forever. Lynn is the real deal and when you choose to make this investment in your self….trust me, you will not regret it.

November 2023


Exceptional, and truly bespoke.  I needed to get some deep rest while grieving after a traumatic experience. This was the perfect service and I can’t recommend Lynn highly enough.


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November 2023


What I loved about Lynn’s work is that it is not about trawling over the past, it is about moving forward. I’m a 59 year old woman, I’ve known for years how I became the person I am, and I knew the changes I needed to make to improve my life, but I’ve found it difficult to do so, and even sabotaged myself. A big part of my inability to move forward were unresolved issues of my past, things I cannot change; over the years, though I’ve sought help for the recurring inner turmoil to leave the past behind, I was unable to do so. Coming out of Lynn’s retreat a week ago, for the first time ever, I feel lighter, stiller, and more content about me; I’ve been Kintsugi’d (the Japanese art repairing broken pottery or glass with gold); my past is not changed, the cracks are all still there, but I understand myself better, I feel whole, I value and respect myself more; I’ve been equipped with the tools to do the work I need to do, to learn and improve my life for the better. Going on this bespoke retreat is the best investment I have ever made in myself.


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August 2023


I had the most beneficial retreat experience under the care and guidance of wonderful Lynn Jackson.  From the moment I first contacted her, I felt I was being taken care of and that my needs were of the upmost importance to her.  The attention to detail from the outset is what makes The Bespoke Retreat Company stand out from all others.  From finding out what it was I was needing/looking for, to having a choice of accommodations to best suit my needs made it a very personal approach.  I was so happy with my choice and felt very at home there; everything about both the area and house itself was very comforting and healing from the moment I arrived.

I felt like I had known Lynn from the moment I met her, and was at total ease working through various issues with her on a daily basis.  Having the time and space of being on a retreat by myself allows for a very intimate experience.  This is enhanced all the more for being supported and guided by Lynn.  Each day there was something new to discover, think about, talk about, explore and go within.  It was a very special and personal journey of self-exploration for me.  Lynn has this unique ability to not only put her clients at total ease but it’s as though she can see right through to your essence.  Then in a very subtle way she connects you to what you either didn’t know was there, or something you had lost gets rekindled.  In my case it was a longing for a sense of purpose, and as each day passed, I was getting more and more insights.  I loved the whole process of exploration and meaningful discussions.

Having 5 days to rest, restore and reflect were all hugely beneficial for me, and the transformation of my mindset has been remarkable.  I arrived low in energy, unmotivated and with a sense of unease.  In the weeks since the retreat, I have gained and retained a sense of purpose and motivation and a much brighter outlook for myself.  I took away with me an inner sense of calmness in knowing more about myself and that there is support and guidance around me at all times, and I now trust this.

I’d also like to mention the luxury of having both a massage and reflexology therapist come to the house of an evening.  This added to deepening the restoration that I very much needed.  Both therapists were very good and had healing hands!

Thank you, Lynn, for being a truly enlightening person.  Spending those hours with you made a real impact deep within me.  I feel we really got me back on track, and I have come away knowing and believing all is well with me and my world; this is such a gift, and not something I would have got from my usual “group yoga retreat”!  I look forward to seeing where I am heading in the coming weeks, months and years ahead.

To anybody who is unsure of what to expect, I would say trust Lynn to take the best care of you and to guide you on your own unique journey.

August 2023


I lost my mother 3 months ago. This was my first retreat and I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew I wanted some time to myself.  Lynn and her Bespoke Retreat turned out to be exactly what I needed.
The accommodation I chose suited my needs perfectly. So peaceful, calm and relaxing.  Lynn even organized a juice detox per my request, which was so delicious.  She was able to meet my every need fully and helped me in so many ways and on so many levels.
I looked forward to meeting Lynn every day and our sessions always felt too short, because time just flew when we were together.  She is very knowledgeable, gifted and experienced in her fields. Such an amazing soul. I feel blessed to have been able to work with her.
My future now looks so much brighter thanks to Lynn.  I’m excited to journey this new path in my life. I will forever be indebted to her.
I highly recommend this retreat.


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July 2023


I’d been ignoring what was going on inside my body, mind and soul, and it was making me anxious, sad and scared.  Especially when it came to processing past events that have been buried deep.  I’d never had the opportunity to be fully annoyed with events that have hurt me, and this weighed me down. Not having had the chance to mourn, honour and say goodbye to these feelings and the little girl they were tethered to was affecting the way I connected with my life, and stood in the way of me truly knowing myself and truly giving myself to those I love.

Lynn guided me to get in touch with myself and revisit the senses that arose in me a long time ago, that were immobilised within me and I’d forgotten how to access.  As a result, I’ve since been able to honour this little girl and fly higher over the past, walk into and around it, be sad, smile at it.  So that I can both hold it close and leave it alone.

I’m so touched by Lynn’s compassion, I will never forget our time together.


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July 2023


The week I spent with Lynn on retreat was exactly what I needed after losing my amazing big brother last year. Her warmth and compassion was unlike any other treatment I’ve had, as well as her holistic and spiritual practices that have transformed the way I will now go through the journey of grief. I couldn’t recommend her work and retreats enough to anyone struggling to find their way after loss.


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June 2023


I have had months of talking therapy, hypnotherapy and counselling and whilst it works for some, nothing was working for me. I discovered Lynn’s retreats that focus upon trauma and anxiety, and this really was my last try at therapy. Lynn organised my retreat within a week. I can honestly say it was an exceptional tailored experience. After just three days, I feel like a massive weight has been lifted, I have solid coping tools, and for the first time in over a year I have a clear plan forward. I am so glad I chose a one-to-one experience rather than a group retreat; Lynn customised the entire retreat to my needs and the accommodation and food were wonderful and a nurturing backdrop. Highly recommend if you want a pragmatic and tailored approach to holistic healing. It is life changing.

May 2023


I had a two day bespoke retreat with Lynn. It was a lovely, comforting experience. Lynn has so many different tools and techniques to help explore how you feel and who you are. I came away with a genuine shift in learning about and understanding of me which is helping me forge a new way forward.


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May 2023


I wanted time and space in nature to rest, restore and explore the blocks to my creativity and inspiration. It was wonderful to be able to create my own retreat with the experience and intuitive guidance of Lynn. My accommodation was exactly what I needed: a contained private pod in nature, a divine bed, quirky outdoor bath tub and a space to rest, to heat my soups and tea, and just be. Some wonderful walking/jogging tracks nearby too once the energy improved. The lovely relaxing treatments were set up in the pod on a couple of evenings by deeply caring women. Lynn’s healing sessions also felt very safe and were tailored to what I needed each day; she seemed to know what would open me up to my playfulness and creativity and was able to guide me into a deep experience of transformation. I am truly grateful for all the wisdom, kindness and healing Lynn shared with me over the four days.

May 2023


When I began to seek out retreats, Lynn’s comprehensive offerings hit all the targets. She was easy to reach out to and very responsive. She quickly set out some great choices and worked within my budget. Coming from a different continent was quite a leap of faith but neither my instinct nor Lynn led me astray. Everything was perfect on so many levels. I was given the tools, the time and space to reach my goals with genuine care. Lynn was knowledgeable and had great insights into each of the facets of topics that I raised with her. I felt safe and cared for and Lynn provided so many unexpected and appreciated extras. An incredibly worthwhile journey. Thank you so very much.


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April 2023


I arrived at my retreat with a long list of hoped-for outcomes and a lot of negative emotions such as resentment and crippling anxiety due to an extended time of work and family pressure. I really thought I needed to quit my job… or maybe even my whole life as I knew it!

I had never had any form of healing before but I was currently back in counselling trying to figure out how to obtain a more positive mindset where I could find myself again and cope with life. To me a seemingly impossible task, but one which Lynn took in her stride as she listened to my long wish list. I wholeheartedly threw myself into each new experience Lynn presented, and when we surveyed my wish list on our final session, they had all turned into my reality. I left without the negative emotions I had arrived with, and a heart, mind and body recharged and eager to start putting what I had learned into practice in my day-to-day life.

A month on and I am more content, joyful and outward looking than I have ever been and I can see many of my relationships are benefitting too.  I’ve intertwined changes in my own life which I would not have had the insight to do without this experience, and now look forward to what the day will bring rather than wanting to throw the duvet back over my head.  I am so relieved I took a deep breath and jumped into something completely outside of my comfort zone because my retreat experience was life changing and gifted more than I could have ever imagined, made all the more astonishing to me by the rainbow that appeared at the beginning of my first encounter with Lynn and reappeared at the end of our last meeting.

March 2023


I came a broken and lost person and left feeling calm and back in control.


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February 2023


The retreat has been a quiet place to learn about oneself, led by a kind voice that spoke to the core of my being. The haze has dissipated, making way for fresh vitality and optimism. I’m grateful for everything and always will be.


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February 2023


I needed to get away from the rat race that is life, my marriage felt like it was failing, parenting a teenage daughter has been very difficult over the years, dwelling on past pain and heartache, and running my own business was becoming a grind;  I was living to work not working to live.  I was very nervous doing this solo, but after a short video call with Lynn, I went from being nervous to excited.  When Lynn first met me face-to-face at my beautiful cottage (which I now call my secret garden) she was very warm and welcoming.  Lynn described me as a sponge, absorbing everything she had to offer me, and it has completely changed my life.  Although my family wasn’t on this retreat, they are now benefitting from her expertise and her wisdom.  I think completely differently today to before and I am now my best self.

January 2023


I spent a four-night retreat with Lynn and it was transformational and felt like a coming home to myself and my needs and ambitions.
I am still processing all the revelations but I really want to thank Lynn for her patience, care and insight. It was such a pleasure to work with her and it has been a real gift to myself for the year ahead.

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January 2023


I had a 5 day retreat with Lynn and I have found it a life-changing experience. I cannot thank her enough for her very natural talent of healing and also the compassion that she expresses when working.
I don’t trust myself easily to people, but right from the get-go I felt I was in a safe pair of hands, and what she has done for me may well have taken months or years in therapy. I have left the retreat feeling alive, lighter and more in touch with myself than I have done for a very long time.
All the little details are taken care of, and everything is personalised in a way that I don’t think other retreats could match, and the experience was worth every penny. I cannot recommend this retreat enough; if I could, I would award it 10 stars!


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December 2022


Lynn was wonderful. She supported me from beginning to end (and beyond). She really understood what I was hoping to get out of my retreat and the whole experience was perfect. I now feel equipped for the future, and will try and keep a little bit of that retreat feeling in my life rather than getting caught up in the everyday stresses and strains.

November 2022


My sister and I have been through a very difficult summer and are dealing with grief.  Lynn arranged for us to stay in a beautiful beach house in West Wittering, and organised some really special days consisting of a sound bath, yoga, massages, meditations and her own healing sessions which really helped with our mindsets, and she gave us tools and techniques to use when we are struggling.  I really recommend these retreats to anyone who needs to take a step back from their life for a few days. Thank you to Lynn for a wonderful experience.

November 2022


I was experiencing information overload and felt imprisoned by my business and life in general, and knew I needed to get away for some silent reflection.  When life gets in the way, we need clarity, and that can be a difficult task when you don’t know how to get that process started, and I’d not really known what to expect from my retreat.  It wasn’t until day three that the results of my work with Lynn slowly dawned on me and made so much sense;  she opened my eyes and mind to so many things, and my retreat with her opened the doors to let me fly to freedom.  As a result, I have now set out my future in clear steps and I am very grateful.

Female client
October 2022


This incredible experience has changed my life. I had no preconceived ideas about what might happen on this retreat, only that I had some “stuff” that I was not dealing with. At best, I was thinking that I might feel more resilient and able to deal more effectively with things going forwards. But what Lynn does is so incredibly powerful, it went beyond anything I could have imagined, leaving me feeling stronger, calmer, clearer about the changes I need to make in order to bring me true happiness.

September 2022


Balancing working in the NHS, parenting and menopause throughout the pandemic had left me running on empty. I’d slipped into bad habits, poor self-care and was feeling low.
From Lynn’s selection of accommodation, I chose a beautiful shepherd’s hut with views of fields and big skies with a wild swimming place and the coast nearby.L
The hut was perfect, like a cosy boutique hotel suite. I packed the fridge full of Waitrose food, settled in and began to unwind and breathe.
Lynn met with me for a few hours every day. I was sceptical about the healing but intrigued, I went along with picking an Oracle card, opening a book I was drawn to and putting a giant rose quartz in my bedroom window. I lay on my bed and connected with my breathing and how my body was feeling. I also had a wonderful outdoor reflexology session wrapped in a blanket and spent hours soaking in an outdoor bathtub watching the sky.
The retreat had a profound effect. I shifted things that I’d spent years discussing in counselling. I was able to see what was important moving forward and think about small things to enable change.
Lynn is a remarkable person with a wealth of wisdom and experience, as well as a grace and kindness that makes it comfortable and accessible.

Client testimonial
July 2022


I had a wonderful experience on retreat for a full week with The Bespoke Retreat Company. Lynn is a highly skilled, humane and compassionate facilitator/healer who combines her substantial experience in various modes of working to create truly individual (bespoke) experiences.

I’ve been on various retreats in groups and have a lot of experience of therapy – both as a client and as a clinical psychologist – and I can honestly say that the experience with Lynn was totally unique, immensely powerful, and very beneficial. Part of the beauty of Lynn’s approach is that she meets you where you are and then, in collaboration with you, plans a route to where you want to go. And as on any worthwhile journey, detours into areas that you want to work on as you go are very welcome and encouraged.

I was looking for an experience to help me rest and restore / strengthen connection to myself. The retreat with Lynn more than delivered on those goals, and on new goals that emerged during my time with her. Back home I can feel the lasting impact of the retreat in my day-to-day life in relationship, in work and in relationship with myself. Oh, and the location she suggested to me for my retreat was just perfect – a wonderful place to be.

July 2022


I was in need of a retreat but needed something tailored to me specifically. I had a significant injury six months previous that left me with what I have been told is a permanent disability to my leg/foot. The three sessions I had with Lynn focused on being able to work with my emotions, as well as having a clearer picture for my future plans. I had been in a pretty dark place emotionally in my twenties and this resulted in my being nervous of feeling my feelings, thinking that this may see me spiral, but Lynn taught me how to effectively manage this process. She also helped me with focusing on what I want from life and gave me the tools to start that journey, trusting that it will unfold as it should. This experience was really powerful for me. I feel more connected to myself spiritually which is really healing.

June 2022


I became a first-time mum in 2021, and found the transition from being career oriented to becoming a full-time mother extremely challenging. I was lost, and having waves of overwhelm, stress and anxiety. When I found I was expecting my second baby, I knew I needed some help to reframe some of these negative scary feelings.
I opted for a mini retreat with two sessions, in which I had deep emotional breakthroughs. The first was an awakening and reminder of my inner self who had become lost with the burdens of responsibility in adult life. The second was working through an emotional issue that had arisen the day before, what its true meaning was and how I could overcome it. This was such a relief to me.
I left feeling so much lighter, hopeful and with more optimism and a spring in my step. What a gift! I have already recommended Lynn to my friends and family and look forward to working with her again in the future.


June 2022


Having worked with Lynn over three days on a bespoke retreat, I can say that she is a highly accomplished energy healer and life and business coach. In just two sessions, she was able to get me to a place where I/we dissolved old negative energy that had been held in the body for far too long, and during the following session, Lynn then guided me to build out a vision for the future that excited me and filled me with new energy.

Following my initial inquiry, the process of finding the right venue to stay was thoughtful and accommodating. I was extremely happy and could not have asked for more; the setting of the retreat was beautiful and gave me everything I wanted. The whole retreat experience with Lynn was above expectations in terms of accommodation, the treatments offered for body therapy, and the thoughtful touches that were added by her.

I felt in very safe hands and wisely guided throughout my time with Lynn, and the sessions felt significant, spiritual, meaningful and alchemic. I came away feeling like it was time and money very well spent, and my retreat is a memory that I will cherish. I will be working with Lynn in the future and I highly recommend a retreat with her.


April 2022


Having been at a bit of a crossroads in my career for a while I needed to navigate my way to a clearer path. The combination of sessions with Lynn, some treatments from local therapists who visited me at the barn, peace, quiet and beautiful views helped to lift a weight from my shoulders. I left the retreat feeling more relaxed than I had been in years, with some tools to support me in the future and a renewed faith in myself.

March 2022


After hitting a very low point in my life, I needed some guidance to help put me back on a positive path. I felt comfortable and welcome from the moment I met Lynn. After a tour of the beautiful cottage, we got straight into our first session. I felt uplifted instantly, and the more work we did together over the next few days made such an impact. For the first time in a long time, I felt strong enough to think more positively and deal with any obstacles that I may come up against in life. I know it’s a work in progress, but I am feeling positive that all the techniques I learnt with Lynn are going to help me on my road to recovery. A unique and amazing experience. I will be forever grateful for Lynn’s help and wisdom.


December 2021


Before my five-day retreat with Lynn, I’d reached a point where I couldn’t progress as I felt there was something blocking my path and I knew I needed help from an experienced healer. Lynn arranged my accommodation (beautiful location in Chichester), aromatherapy massage, sound bath, qigong, meditation and a labyrinth walk in a local church, all of which were amazing experiences.
However, the icing on the cake happened on our last session. I followed Lynn’s instruction and to my surprise I had an insight that blew me away! Something revealed itself to me that I could never foresee. Buried deep in my subconscious mind and forgotten for decades, the incident came to light. It was both emotional and liberating and resulted in me being free from my blockage. I’m still adjusting to my new freedom but I feel I can now move forward on my spiritual path and life is looking brighter than ever.


October 2021


As a man, I struggled to accept my feelings for years and to open up, and this retreat really was my last chance saloon, although I must admit I was very sceptical but hey, anything is worth a go, right? I couldn’t possibly be in a worse place than what I was.  From the off, Lynn was so accommodating and met my requirements for a natural environment that brought me back to basics.  My work with her was a real eye opener; I had lost myself to a point where I was unrecognisable, but with three simple sessions, I have literally regained my control. I would recommend this to anyone.  Thank you again Lynn – you have saved me from my demons and I will always remember what you have done for me.

July 2021


Being a mother of two young children with little support is tough; add a pandemic and spending large amounts of time with your other half makes it even tougher, and I’d started to notice I was suffering from panic attacks and was losing my cool at the slightest thing.  I had also begun having headaches that just wouldn’t shift.  The idea of getting away to an idyllic location sounded amazing and so I got in touch with Lynn, but the logistics made my head spin, and so  Lynn suggested that I do a retreat from home.
I loved the idea of not having to drive anywhere and so I arranged for my parents to take care of the kids so that I’d have a quiet house for the week. We set up a Zoom call to prepare me for my home retreat; it was a good chance to get to know one another and this helped as Lynn advised me on what I should do to maximize my time at home on my own.
I spent my retreat week eating my favourite foods, I pampered myself with local spa treatments at places I knew and liked, enjoyed some leisurely gardening, lunching with friends, reading, attending an art class and being at one with myself.  It was utter bliss.
Lynn and I worked together with energy healing via Zoom, and these sessions really helped me reconnect and heal; she taught me coping techniques and ways to calm and settle myself. We meditated and talked and uncovered issues that have been blocked for some time.
Sometimes the idea of getting ‘away from it all’ makes sense but actually, it’s worth considering staying where you are and dealing with your issues in the comfort of your own home, and the whole experience has been very positive.  Lynn has made me conscious of the need to care for myself more, and since then my headaches have definitely subsided and I feel in a much happier place which has been good for me and my family.  Happy Mum, Happy Kids.

October 2020


I went on retreat in the South Downs in October 2020. I was in need of break but needed more than just a place to go. Lynn provided this.

From start to finish, Lynn tailored the break to exactly what I needed and I didn’t actually know what I needed at the time!  Lynn made suggestions and I was open minded.  My emotional state was fragile and I was apprehensive of what I had actually embarked on, but Lynn gently helped me to reconnect again with myself, I hadn’t realised how out of touch I was with my body and want it needed. She gave me strategies to begin healing again… Thank you Lynn.

The setting was beautiful, the converted barn felt luxurious and the quality of sleep was restorative. I would highly recommend connecting with Lynn and see for yourself how she can help you too

February 2020


Our retreat with Lynn was enormously helpful; we are so grateful to have found her, and I hugely appreciate all the energy and effort she gave us to help guide us through our present difficulties. It was very informative and whilst not always easy, it was so insightful. No doubt pennies will drop and things will be uncovered as time goes on and with further reflection, but for now, we are living as fully and truthfully as we can, as ourselves and with kindness to each other. Lynn is an excellent guide, and I hope many others are lucky enough to find her and work with her!


November 2019


From the moment I met Lynn I knew she was going to change my life forever. Her warm, calm and compassionate personality instantly made me feel comfortable and totally at ease, and my whole retreat experience was magical from start to finish.

The accommodation in the beautiful surrounds of the Goodwood Estate was quiet and tranquil and the perfect place to reconnect with oneself.  We journeyed together into the areas of my life which needed to be rebalanced, and Lynn’s wisdom and energy work was an amazing release for me and I can honestly say I feel like a new woman. I have been putting the teachings from Lynn into practise, and feel all the better for it each and every day.

Thank you Lynn for helping me find myself and for teaching me the tools to further raise the bar in my day to day life. I feel inspired, grateful and so blessed to have spent the time with you. I’m sure I’ll be back for more soon!

November 2019


My two days with Lynn helped me cope with the terminal illness of my partner with love and compassion, enabling me to tell him how important he was to me and the impact he’d had upon my life before he became too ill to understand. The retreat gave me exactly what I needed, and I have been in a much better place in the six weeks since his death than I would ever have thought possible.
Lynn’s work is pure magic, and a retreat with her will be my annual MOT.


September 2019


I undertook a bespoke, transformative beach retreat with Lynn Jackson.  It did what it says on the tin… it transformed my life.

The accommodation was nothing short of heavenly for my needs, overlooking the sea… private, restful and quiet, and I was cocooned in a feeling of peace.

I journeyed with Lynn in some deep inner work, the outcome being a huge leap of faith on my part, and making some quite scary life changes.  The results however created a deep empowerment and inner happiness for me over the next few months.  I now feel I have ‘arrived’!
Thank you, Lynn, for helping me ‘get out of my own way’ and for assisting the process for me to have the courage to walk an unfamiliar but new and positive path.

August 2019


Words aren’t enough to express my heartfelt gratitude for having Lynn Jackson in my life. The positive impact of her magical healing work is not only felt by me every single day, but I’m told is radiating to others around me. I am quite literally beaming again and it is solely thanks to her.

She has re-ignited my zest and total joy for life, and I now feel empowered, grateful, brave, connected and invigorated. Her kindness, compassion and healing powers are a precious gift and I’m so thankful to have worked so deeply with her as part of my bespoke retreat. I know there is even more to come; what an exciting adventure to be on!

To anyone looking for that ‘miracle’ or reset in their life, Lynn is the magic that you need. The healing starts from here, be brave and take the step. I guarantee you will never look back


December 2018


A profound, memorable experience and surprisingly one of self-discovery after just 2 days at my bespoke retreat at the Goodwood Hotel.  After 25 years of working hard in the fast lane, raising a young family and going through various trials and tribulations, I felt I deserved some time out to just pause, reflect and reconect with my purpose in life and inject some energy behind this.
Lynn’s treatment combined with some meditation (which I now practice and enjoy) helped me understand the root cause of my fears and insecurities. I also felt a deep sense of gratitude for everything I have achieved. The healing work had truly begun.
Afterwards I felt lighter, happier, more confident and in control. I’m not sure I could have got there by myself, however Lynn’s amazing energy and healing abilities, my trust in her and my willingness and intent to embark on a new, refreshing and positive outlook of my life was a powerful force!

September 2018


I took a deeper breath than I had in a long time, and the gentle incense filled my lungs. Settling into the fabulous boho treehouse, the nagging worry that I was being self-indulgent to disappear for two days by myself began to fade. This wasn’t a treat, it was a necessity;  a busy life as a showbiz journalist, mum to an 8 year old and general social butterfly had left me frazzled. I was questioning the point of my job, feeling lost in life and desperate to *cue Lulu* “relight my fire”.  Lynn greeted me with a warm smile and welcomed me to my little sanctuary. She had thoughtfully filled the beautifully decorated hideout with scented candles and I felt immediately at home.

It wasn’t long before I was relaxing on the impressive wooden balcony, listening to the huge oak trees as they swayed in the breeze. I took up Lynn’s suggestion that I lay wrapped snug in a blanket and could literally feel the pent-up tension dissolve with each breath. After a much-needed meditation, I retreated inside to lie on the bed as the late afternoon sun streamed through the window. I spent the rest of the evening in a blissful state of relaxation and woke up after 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep. It had been years since I’d been able to do this. The magic had begun.

The next morning I took my time over a delicious breakfast before we set off to a private Victorian walled garden in the countryside. Lynn led me to a circular pattern mowed into the lawn. She explained the labyrinth was a symbolic representation of my life. I was to walk the path mindfully and see what came up.  I was confused as to exactly what this would do but I’d decided not to question things and go with the flow. After a minute or two, my legs started to feel heavy as though I was wading through thick treacle. I chuckled to myself at the irony – stuck in life and now stuck in imaginary treacle in the middle of a garden.

Once I’d reached the centre of the labyrinth I closed my eyes, my head felt clear as a sense of peace washed over me. My way out was interesting too, I began noticing little vibrant flowers, dotted along the path. Had they been there all along? Why could I only see them now?

Lynn explained that the journey into the centre represented my recent past, the centre is the present, and the journey out is an indication of my future path. Bring on a more vibrant beautiful life, I say!

Later that evening, Lynn lit a fire and asked me to write on pieces of paper any thoughts or behaviours that had been holding me back or dragging me down. I wrapped each paper around a pine cone and tossed them into the flames. As I watched them burn, I felt in control and determined that this was goodbye forever.

The rest of the weekend was busy with pampering – a stress-busting massage and a mineral float session, as well as a potent, crystal-infused water ceremony where I drank in my good intentions. I also enjoyed a lot of precious ‘me time’, with zero urge to check my phone. I revelled in the luxury of uninterrupted reading time, and chomped my way happily through a whole box of homemade brownies.

I was now feeling like a different person to the wiped out, desperate plate spinner who’d arrived two days ago. But Lynn had kept the best for last – her unique healing.  I relaxed on the bed, listening to the rain lashing outside as Lynn began to work on my energies. I felt a warmth come over me as I relaxed deeper and deeper, before seeing vivid colours and bright lights. I’d had healing sessions in the past but this was incredible.

As we finished, the rain had stopped and we walked out onto the most spectacular sunset I have ever seen. Majestical patterns of vivid gold, blue, turquoise, pink and purple streamed across the sky, and as the magical light bounced around me. I couldn’t help but think the sky was giving me the nod that my incantations were being answered.

As our precious time together came to an end, I reluctantly said goodbye to Lynn, who I’d become very attached to, and my beautiful hidden treehouse, taking with me two days of magic. I returned to my family happier and much more relaxed with a much clearer outlook on my future.


August 2018


My Retreat was a completely mind opening experience for me.  I’d wanted to learn meditation, but had been a bit confused and sceptical about it and sought Lynn’s guidance. She was gentle and patient and very kind; she really listened to me, and I felt so comfortable, like I’d known her for ages.

I recommend a retreat with her if you need to escape the chaos of the city and find yourself in the tranquility of the countryside and in the warm presence of Lynn. I’d not known where to start with meditation and this was the perfect way to begin.

July 2018


I had become a successful but fearful zombie, incapable of feeling and beyond thought… even my sense of taste was non-existent. I didn’t know what to expect from a retreat with Lynn, but I decided I had nothing to lose and threw myself into her care. She found me a beautiful yurt, miles from anywhere, where I could breathe and feel the sun on my skin. I slept like I’d not done in years, and even dozed through the energy healing session, but afterwards, I knew something was palpably different. Since then, I have felt calmer, and much more in control, and am able to be more assertive at work, which is making a huge difference to both my work and my family life. I’ve no idea what Lynn did, but I am very grateful.

April 2018


I decided to get on board with Lynn’s spa mini-retreat in West Sussex after an intuitive nudge suggested it was the break I was looking for to esacpe the hectic city life of London.  A little unsure of what to expect, I arrived to find a beautiful country setting, more perfect then I had anticipated given the autumn time of year. The break was very relaxing, and it’s obvious Lynn puts every effort and detail into creating the most relaxing experience for her guests. I settled into the beautiful countryside setting and spent the first day getting pampered and as relaxed as possible in the spa facilities. The treatment was excellent and Lynn clearly works closely with the staff at the spa to ensure the treatments are tailored towards her customers’ needs.
Fully relaxed on day two I met Lynn for the energy healing work. Having done some acupuncture work before but never energy healing, I was skeptical of the healing work and if I would achieve anything from it, but when I met Lynn for the session, I was very impressed with her intuitive understanding of what I was looking for, and her ability to work towards achieving these goals. The session was more emotionally challenging then I had anticipated, not realising before the other areas of life I had being putting on hold.  However I enjoyed it as I felt supported by Lynn throughout and I left the retreat with a new lease of life.

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