Private Retreats Created with your Wellbeing in Mind

The Bespoke Retreat Company offers a range of private, unique retreat packages to heal your body, nourish your soul and enrich your life.

Retreat guru Lynn works with you one to one to deliver your perfect all-inclusive wellbeing experience.

Working with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, Lynn creates powerful rituals and ceremonies and fuses them with a selection of holistic treatments and therapies delivered by a hand-chosen team of experts to create truly bespoke transformative experiences.

Below is a selection of our most popular themes, each offering a different feel for a totally unique and unforgettable experience.  All retreats are personalised, so no two are ever quite the same.

Mini Retreat

Relax and revive in this stylish two-day mini retreat offering some precious Zen magic at a great price

Earth Spirit

Reconnect with nature and yourself to re-ground, recalibrate and rediscover your inner spirit

Vitamin Sea

Energy, expansion and transformation in an oceanic setting to help you find your inner flow


A gentle and nurturing wellbeing retreat focusing on deep rest and restorative energy work

Vital Life

The ultimate 5-star spa retreat with a potent vibrational energy reboot, to bestow vitality and rejuvenation to jaded bodies and over-worked minds

It’s as if we opened a doorway into a new and energising part of my life, and the results are profound and far-reaching, with immensely powerful growth in all areas of my life.

~ Amanda, Italy


We offer a host of wellbeing activities to help rest your mind, restore your body and nourish your soul.

All our retreats comprise a range of suggested therapies and activities, but you can choose to mix and match and/or add others; we can arrange pretty much anything from from Aerobics to Zumba!

Comprehensive list of holistic and leisure activities available upon request.

Woman in massage spa


Melt away your cares with luxury spa treatments including bespoke massages, body scrubs & facials


Specialist dietary choices catered for, including vegan, macrobiotic, alkaline, gluten-free and detox


Meditation, mindfulness and chillaxing feature in all our retreats


Kundalini, Restorative, Nidra and Yin yoga are among our clients’ top choices



Nurture with Nature.  Fresh air and the alchemy of the elements are our foundation


All forms of exercise and movement can be incorporated into our retreats.  Just ask us!


Rest and rejuvenate with our specialist range of sleep techniques, activities, therapies and products

Relaxed woman having crystal healing


Our founder Lynn is a renowned Healer, and her alchemy is at the heart of everything we do

Couple sitting by camp fire


Light a fire and reconnect with your inner spark to rediscover yourself, the world and each other

This has been the life-changing, missing link to all the inner work I've been carrying out for the past fifteen years.

~ Fernando, London

Mini Retreat

Relax and Revive

This is for you if you’re in need a fast fix;  two days in the peace and tranquility of the famous Goodwood Estate’s stylish hotel and health spa set on the edge of the South Downs National Park, plus Lynn’s signature Vibrational Energy Work and a deeply relaxing meditation session tailored to your needs and requirements.  You are welcome to arrive early and leave late to make maximum use of the spa facilities.

This retreat includes :

Overnight accommodation in a double, en-suite room with bathtub and shower
A la carte dining from lunch on Day one to lunch on Day two

Spa Facilities – Swimming pool, Sauna, Steam room, Spa pool, Gym

Treatments – 60-minute Massage

Private session with Lynn – Energy Healing and Meditation (90-minutes)


PRICE – From £495

Suggested Extras – Golf, Fitness Class, Personal Trainer


This retreat is particularly recommended for anybody who needs a relaxing and energy-boosting pick-me-up

Earth Spirit

Connect with the Earth for deep inner communion

This Retreat includes

2 nights’ accommodation in a luxury yurt, with wood burning stove and bathroom with hot, running water

All food and refreshments for self-catered meals from lunch on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 3

Treatments – Hot Stone Massage

Sessions with Lynn (Total of two 2-hour sessions)

Yoga Nidra

Spiritual Life Coaching

Chakra Healing with Crystals

Earth Heart Fire and Drum Journey Ritual


PRICE – From £1,245 for 1 person
Please enquire about rates for a couple or a group


Suggested Extras – Labyrinth, Cycling, Cacao Ceremony, Bushcraft, Gong Bath, Foraging, Fire Walk


This Retreat is especially recommended for –
Enhancing spirit and life force energy
Life Recalibration
Burn out

Vitamin Sea

Passion, Purpose and Empowerment

This Retreat includes

3 night’s accommodation in a double, en-suite room in a luxury self-contained, converted barn with private, south-facing garden overlooking fields, which is just one mile inland from the soft sands of West Wittering

All foods for self-catered meals – from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 4.  Suggested menu – Chi-boosting alkaline foods with sea vegetables

Seaweed Salt Body Scrub
Aqua massage on a cushion of warm water with organic seaweed oil
Kundalini or Vinyasa Yoga

Sessions with Lynn (Comprising two 90-minute sessions)
Energy Healing
Life Navigation & Intuitive Coaching
Ocean Sunset Ritual

PRICE – From £1,495 for a 3-night, private solo retreat
The barn can accommodate up to 6 people.  Please enquire about the proportionately lower rates for a couple or group.

Optional Extras –
Cycle hire [the cottage is situated on the very flat coastal path, which is perfect for cycling]
Beach Hut hire

Cook and/or housekeeper

This Retreat is about joy, freedom, energy and zing, and is particularly recommended for anyone who wants to de-stress, release past or present challenges and move on in life


Deep rest and restorative energy work

A gentle yet powerful retreat focusing on deep rest and restorative energy work to inspire, heal and nourish those forgotten parts of yourself and your life, to bring renewed energy, enhanced clarity and greater wellbeing.

Included in this Retreat

2 night’s accommodation in beautiful and private country cottage with lounge, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and private garden.
Your selection of organic foods for relaxed self-catered meals. This can, if you wish, comprise pre-frozen meals from the likes of Riverford and Abel & Cole if cooking is too much of a chore.  Or, of course, a cook can be provided.

Treatments & Therapies
Sound Healing with Crystal and/or Tibetan bowls
Restorative or Yin Yoga
Aromatherapy Massage
Moon Bathing Ritual (private)

Sessions with Lynn (Comprising two 90-minute sessions)
Vibrational Energy Healing
Meditation and Visualisation


Optional Extras –
Additional sessions with Lynn
Yoga Nidra
Botanical Herbal Healing
Weighted blanket for sleep optimisation
Creation of personalised vibrational flower essence

Overnight attendance for specialist post-op recuperative stays
Specialist diet (Macrobiotic, Detox, Weight loss, Vegan)

This Retreat is recommended for –
Slowing down and and taking back your power with some nurturing me-time
Post-op or post-viral recuperation
Exhaustion and Burn Out

Vital Life

The ultimate luxury Spa Retreat

Complete relaxation and rejuvenation in top-notch surroundings with a potent vibrational energy re-boot to revitalise jaded bodies and over-worked minds.


2 nights’ accommodation in an en-suite Garden Room in a 5-star country house hotel with state-of-the-art spa facilities.

Fine dining – all meals from lunch on Day 1 to lunch on Day 3

Full use of all Spa Facilities
Pool, Sauna, Steam room, Ice Fountain, Hot Tub, Relaxation room and Gym

Body Treatments
Elemental Rebalancing Ritual  (2 hours)
Any Spa Treatment of your choice (1 hour)
Two Fitness classes

Private Sessions with Lynn (One two-hour session)
Vibrational Energy Reset

PRICE – From  £1,495 for a solo retreat.
Please enquire about the proportionately lower rates for a couple sharing a room, or a group retreat

Suggested Extras  –
Flotation Tank for deep relaxation
Personal Trainer for personalised workouts
Colonic Hydrotherapy for deep inner cleansing
Pre-Retreat DNA Testing for highly personalised treatments and energy work

This Retreat is particularly designed to enhance chi energy and life mojo, revitalising depleted minds, bodies and spirits, to kick-start a health regime [including weight loss] and deliver embodied rejuvenation and a palpable energy re-set.


Our work together was mind-blowing, and literally opened up the universe to me.

~ Adele, Kent

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