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Lynn has been conducting coaching and energy transmissions online for over a decade, and so for anyone who is unable to travel, a Virtual Retreat offers the perfect solution.

These retreats are held over two, three or four days to suit individual requirements, and the work is fundamentally the same as the residential retreats – the only difference is that as it is conducted online, you can stay in the comfort of your own home.

This arrangement brings the benefits of a personalised retreat to your doorstep without the inconvenience of travel or the expense of accommodation – a combination of convenience and cost-effectiveness that provides a win:win solution for many in these challenging times.

Relaxing at home

I loved the idea of not having to drive anywhere, and I arranged for my parents to take care of the kids so that I’d have a quiet house. The online sessions with Lynn really helped me reconnect and heal; she taught me coping techniques and ways to calm and settle myself, and we meditated and talked and uncovered issues that have been blocked for some time. I pampered myself with local spa treatments, enjoyed some leisurely gardening, reading, attending an art class and being at one with myself. It was utter bliss. The whole experience has been very positive and I now feel in a much happier place, which is good for both me and my family... Happy Mum and happy kids!

Jemma, Essex

Online Retreats are ideal for

Managing stress, anxiety and poor sleep

Increasing confidence and vitality

Energy medicine

Improving health and wellbeing

I wasn’t sure what to expect on my Virtual Retreat with Lynn as I felt I had so much grief and anxiety that I had stored in my mind & body over a period of years. We worked over three days using different approaches through guided meditations, energy work and other more subtle healing processes. It was extremely powerful and I now feel so much calmer and stronger.

Caroline, Derby


Virtual retreats comprise daily sessions of energy work and coaching with Lynn over Zoom.  As with all her retreats, the content will be tailored to your requirements.  There are no pre-set dates or designated programme; the virtual retreats are arranged and designed around you.


To get the most from your experience, you will be encouraged to clear your diary for the duration of the retreat, and for even greater benefit, Lynn recommends booking at least one holistic bodywork treatment at a local spa or salon if at all possible.  She also suggests some recommended reading books, and advises clients to follow an immune system boosting eating plan (details of which are provided).  Various online classes and meditations may also be suggested for even greater relaxation and wellbeing.



The minimum duration for a Virtual Retreat is two days, which costs from £495, inclusive of a daily 2-hour session with Lynn and all preparatory advice and information.  An additional evening catch-up session may also be added.  3 and 4 night retreats are also available; please enquire for further details.



Lynn has almost 30 years’ experience in healing and metaphysical coaching, and has led transformational classes, workshops and retreats all over the world.  She has been routinely working online with clients since long before covid, and so you are in very safe and experienced hands.

My time and sessions with Lynn have made such a difference to my well-being and recovery during a very challenging period in my life. She has calmly and intuitively helped to restore my confidence and resilience. What an amazing, kind and talented individual. I couldn’t have managed what I am doing without her support.

Anna, Petersfield

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